Business Cards – An Ideas Man

In ITP, Visual Language

For Week 4, we were asked to make some creative business cards to present to the class. This was also a great opportunity to start thinking about how to brand ourselves. Call me an Ideas Man.

I knew I wanted a card that had some sort of a reveal effect, so I went to my sketch pad and drew what would be the front cover, the inside slip and the inside back cover.


This shows a light bulb that starts out as turned off, however, if you pull on the tab, it will turn it on by filling it up with yellow. Pulling the tab will also reveal my contact information. After thinking about the various ways I could produce this card, I decided to go with the good ol’ arts and crafts route. So I bought some card-stock, an X-Acto Knife and a glue stick at the store and then it was simply a question of printing out my designs and chopping them up.


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