Explorations for Time Management App

In ITP, Persuasion Design

As we presented in class last week, Karthik and I are interested in pursuing an app that presents recipes from the perspective of time. Time was one of the key things that we see dissuading people from cooking and the app could give people clarity and reassurance on how much time it actually takes to cook. Beyond providing a macro view of how long the whole process will take, we are also going to alleviate stress by breaking down the time management of everything they’re cooking. One of the most difficult things for me when I’m cooking meals with several components is timing everything out so all the components¬†are ready to go at the same time. By essentially using cascading timers we can do all the heavy lifting for the cook and provide them with notifications for each step they need to do and when they need to do it. That could be everything from when they need to start marinating their protein, boil water and prep veggies to when it’s time to put your chicken in the oven. The idea is to take an intimidating, layered process and make it as palatable as possible. The “timer” recipes could be created by users employing their own methods or people could reference recipes that are pre-formatted by us algorithmically from a third party source.


We’re also investigating integrations with Fresh Direct or postmates to address the issue of getting people ingredients, which is another barrier to cooking. Another aspect that’s important to us is an option to provide audio snippets along with the notifications if the cook wants to follow along without interacting with the screen. More to follow on these. For the meantime, you can check out our explorations below.




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