Idea for Laser Cutter V2

In Digital Fabrication, ITP

Because I know now that we have 2 weeks to accomplish the laser cutting project, I’d like to aim for a slightly more ambitious project. My new idea is to create a multi-level planter that it inspired by rice-terracing in South East Asia.




The planter will emulate a hill that has several 360 degree terrace levels. The thickness of each level will depend on the thickness of the sod which is what I’ll be filling each layer with. Here’s a sketch below that gives a quick sense of what it would look like from above and the side, however it is not representative of how many layers it will actually be. I imaging the planter to end up being roughly 2 feet height and fit within the a 2 foot diameter. I’ll be using a mixture of wood and acrylic as my materials.



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