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Knowing that motivation is a key component of the decision making process, Daria and I looked at how we could increase the chances of someone taking the stairs at ITP. We came up with three potential solutions, two of which are more related to playing towards peoples’ identities within a certain community (ITP) and a third that uses gaming mechanics.


Let’s start the methods that play to a known audience. I feel like there is a lot of potential in targeting our persuasion design at tight-knit communities that share similar values. By understanding our audience at ITP, we can effectively add positive connotations for taking the stairs and add further stigma to taking the elevator.


One thing I’ve noticed at ITP is that a lot of people are vocal about their political orientation, which happens to pretty liberal. I’m not saying that everyone is, and I hate to ascribe everyone to a two-party system, but it’s safe to say that people at ITP are much more liberal than they are conservative. Where one stands in the political debate is a representation of what they believe in many ways, and as a result, people tend to be very passionate about their party of choice. Therefore, I’d like to piggyback off of that passion in a slightly manipulative way. There’s nothing more a democrat fears than being associated with a Republican, and therefore, I’ve associated the elevator in this mock up to Republicans. The goals is to encourage people to take the stairs by making it the democratic thing to do and creating solidarity through the act of doing so. What makes this so potent is timing. With the presidential race on everyone’s minds, people will want to proclaim their affiliation.


demorep-stairs copy


demorep-stairs copy 2


An important note about this is that you can use this in different contexts as long as you know your audience. An example is putting a Giants sign at Giants Stadium above the stairs and putting a Patriots sign above the elevator.


The other mock up that I thought could be effective plays to the that risk-taker trait that we all seem to have a little bit of at ITP. It’s pretty self explanatory but the aim is to make taking the stairs a little cooler, edgier and say a little something about what kind of person you are.


livedangerously copy





Unfortunately, I don’t have any of the assets for the third concept which focuses on gamifying the stairs to increase engagement but you can refer to Daria’s blog for further documentation.


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