Prototype V2 – Adding Newsletters and Deals

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For my second iteration of my prototype, I simply pushed a bit further on my previous iteration by separating out the messages into your inbox, newsletters and deals. I don’t particularly think this is a direction I want to take now that I’ve played around with it (I see value in having all the content integrated together) but it at least allows one to see the different types of content the app could support.¬†This prototype has limited functionality but it allows you to scroll within the various sections and swipe horizontally to view the other categories.


[Click Here] to check it out.


I haven’t attached myself at all to these versions of the product as the research I’ve been doing has already uncovered some key things that I need to consider before thinking about what the app’s realization will be from a UX, Design perspective. I also need to validate that this is indeed an idea worth pursuing and in what in form. Speaking to as many people about how they use email and the opportunities they see is my number one priority and I will be updating you shortly on my progress on that front. So far, I’ve got 4 great user interviews and I’m looking to add at least 6 more before starting the affinity diagraming process.

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