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I’d like to explore the concept of social conferencing using augmented reality. Imagine the Skype of the future. This concept will take place in the near future and will be an app that runs on the OS of smart contact lenses that enable augmented reality for people.


It’s important to note how the app, named SocialEyes, is different than the video conferencing of today. While there are exceptions, most people use Skype or Google Hangouts to share pretty contained moments that our anchored by the type of conversation you’re having. I’d like SocialEyes to make the shared moment feel more organic and continuous as if the person you were conversing with was in the room with you. Remote communication will no longer be a punctuation mark in your planned day but will work in parallel with a lot of the milestone events that people do on a daily basis (i.e. hanging out with friends, going to dinner, playing boardgames ect). In order to illustrate this concept, I want make a video that focuses on the example of a character, Wes, having dinner with his family remotely because he’s in a different country.


In the video, Wes will be leaving a bar with friends because he says he has to have dinner with his family. You’ll see him get a text from his sister that has the recipe for what she wants him to cook and he stops at the store. He arrives to his empty apartment and starts cooking. Once his food is prepared, he goes and sits down and calls his sister on SocialEyes. All of a sudden you see his sister, dad, mom and uncle appear with a hologram-esque appearance in the empty seats at the table. The rest of the video will do its very best to make the experience feel as fluid as if they were physically having dinner together.


Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 6.28.21 PM


You won’t be able tangibly interact with the projections of the participants and their belongings, however, if there is an activity that you want to partake in altogether, like a board game for example, you could load whatever the game is directly on the table. I’d like to potentially include something like this in the video but I’ll have to see how able I am to execute that.


I am not very experienced with making videos and using after effects but I think video would really be the best medium to communicate the concept accurately. I’m crossing my fingers but if the video no longer seems feasible then I’ll at least do a series of static images.


Some Inspiration

Because we’re talking about remote communication, I’d like to add in a little bit of turbulence with the rendering of the participants. The video of static and color bars, as well as the jittery hologram from Star Wars kind of touches on this.




On the topic of how people are rendered, it could be cool if you let people add a filter to how they’re rendered for the other people. I don’t want to create a system where people can affect how they look too much but I think filters is a subtle customization that still feels real to the other participants. Image how you add filters to your Instagram pics.




For the idea of having shared games that you can load via the app so that people can play and interact with objects remotely, I am looking to this Magic Leap video for inspiration.



Lastly, just another hologram for the fun of it.

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