Terraced Planters

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I built two terraced planter inspired by rice-terracing in South-East Asia. Here’s an image below if you’re unfamiliar with what that is.




For the first one, I focused on a very literal interpretation of rice-terracing. I had the constraints of needing to use a laser cutter, and therefore, took the approach of layering several 1/4 inch pieces of wood to build each level. This is a table-top planter and is intended for growing herbs or micro-greens.




For the second iteration, I wanted to move beyond the literal form of the rice-terraces and also increase the scale considerably. Thankfully, I was able to use the CNC router which removed some of the previous limitations. This planter stands on the floor and has arms that rotate around the center pole. Therefore, a big challenge was applying the appropriate amount of counter-weight on the arm to ensure smooth rotation.


6B1A9995 copy



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