Urban Pain Point – Subway Stress

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For my urban pain-point, I decided to focus on the stress that comes about when commuting via subway in NY. The image below gives a good sense of the claustrophobia and angst one may feel when traveling during rush hour.


Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in New York


For my solution, I looked at what could make the subway a more pleasant, mindful and relaxing experience that may even encourage people to be a bit nicer to each other. The idea assumes there could be a glass barrier that lines the subway rails, as you see in some foreign countries, and that barrier could also have visuals projected on to it. In addition, there would be ambient sounds to compliment such visuals. The overall goal is to make waiting for the train something that relaxes you, no something that stresses you out. Dim the fluorescent lights and enjoy the show.


This is what the screen looks like shut off.




And these are examples of what kind of experience you could provide with such a system.






Lastly, here’s a sense of what kind of audio you could use to further encourage relaxation.


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