An Exploration of Color

In ITP, Visual Language

This week, we tested our skills on the Color Test and created a couple examples of using hue, saturation and brightness on a composition.

Firstly, I was really fascinated by the intro to Josef Albers’ take on how color behaves differently depending on how it is used in a composition. So to mess around with that concept a little bit, I created two different sketches in processing that have the same flickering grid of circles with different backgrounds. Notice how the analogous purple to the spectrum of red circles pulls the color more to a muted orange, while the faint green, which is more of a complement, brings out the brightness in the reds.

Before I jump into the three examples for the assignment, I wanted to add my favorite sketch of the exploration. It reminds me of a 70’s pool party.

Now, here are the three examples, where each one plays with hue, saturation and brightness. They all have two constants and one element within HSB that changes

Lastly, here are my results from the color test.

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