Basic Circuits – In Series and Parallel

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Here I put together very basic examples of a circuit in-series, a circuit in parallel and sprinkled in a switch into the mix.

Starting Materials

  • 9 volt battery and it’s respective wires to connect to breadboard
  •  5 volt regulator
  • LED
  • 220Ω resistor
  • Arduino/breadboard
  • Some wires

starting materials

Electrical components can be arranged in a circuit so that the energy flows through one to the other, or they can be arranged so that the energy is split, flowing through both at the same time. When the energy flows from one to the other, the components are in series. When it flows through them at the same time, they are in parallel. – Igoe

Circuit in Series


Circuit in PARALLEL

I used the circuit in series I made above as the starting point for my parallel circuit. I completed one version of the parallel circuit by simply adding another220Ω resistor, an LED and a wire to ground that LED. The second version had a switch between the resistor and LED to complete the circuit. In order to turn the blue light on in the second example, you need to press on the switch.

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