Counting App Prototype

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Based on last week’s exercise creating a physical prototype, Katherine asked us to look into it’s digital counterpart.

I actually decided to move away from what I did with my physical prototype as I didn’t find it very exciting. I was inspired by my classmate Luke’s counting device that used his girlfriend as an added incentive in reaching your counting target. That made me think about using a counter in the context of relationships—counting up or down towards something with your friends and loved ones. I feel like this would be particularly fun and meaningful when you’re counting down something that you’ll be participating in together at the end of the countdown (i.e. like a fun vacation with you’re girlfriend or a weekend with friends). You’re able to add surprises, like videos, photos or songs along the journey to make it more engaging and give you a place to channel your excitement for whatever it is you’re impatiently waiting for.


Below you’ll find my process, where I started with sketches, moved towards wire framing in Sketch and then animated them in While there are some gaps and a couple missing elements, I feel like these give a good idea of what I’m going for.








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