Creating an API with Basic Functionality

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I’m think that I want to create a product that allows people to save bars and restaurants that they really like and pin them to their own map of their city. It’s a concept that has floated around and exists currently (you can make custom google maps) but I don’t find it to be as easy as it should be. Also, there’s not much transparency as to what your friends are saving as their favorite locations in the context of a map. A company called Stamped had an aspect of their app that did something similar but it was deprecated once Yahoo purchased them which seemed crazy to me.


Anyway, this assignment will not illuminate anything conceptually but it’s the beginning of the API I will use.


[Click Here] to see the code on Github.


You can add a person –


You can add a place (much of the information asked for in this form will be retrieved automatically in the future) –


You can view all the people who have signed up and the number of places they have added on a very simple page –


You can retrieve the JSON for all places –


You can retrieve the JSON for all of a user’s places – Housset


You can retrieve the JSON for all the people that have signed up –


I also have created a route to delete users that you can check out in the code via Github




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