Email Excersize V2

In Designing for Data Personalization, ITP

Since my assignment for last week, I added a compose suite with the profile pictures of people you regularly send/receive messages from. One challenge I faced was removing the horizontal scrolling bar for the div that contained the recent profile pictures, while still keeping it scrollable. I was finally able to do so with the CSS property :



Unfortunately, this will only work for webkit browsers (i.e Chrome, Safari, Opera) and I’ll need to find out how to do it for Mozilla in the future. The data for the frequently emailed section is stored in my JSON file and in order to add it, I updated my JSON file to have two different arrays of data. Going forward for the midterm I’ll no longer be pursuing this iteration of the email concept but will instead look to use persuasive design to encourage users to engage further with their email.


[Click Here] to see the webpage.

[Click Here] to see the code on Github.



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