Feedback on In-Class Persona Excersize

In ITP, Quantified Self

During our last class, we participated in an excersize to define the various users for our classmates’ projects.¬†Varun and Arlene were tasked with auditing our project and coming up with personas for potential users of Matt and I’s quantification project. They took several different approaches, many that were somewhat comical, however there was a consistent theme throughout all their efforts. They all seemed to focus on the patrons of the venues that we’d be servicing. In reality, our users would be the venues, and more specifically bars, not the patrons. But Arlene and Varun did highlight and opportunity to extend the data we were collecting and making it available to the patrons. My favorite of their scenarios was the”Serious Story”, which I included below.



Sites like Yelp, Foursquare, Google and others provide endless qualitative reviews of venues from Patrons but what about adding a Qualitative aspect to the reviews? It could potentially be useful for people to know the noise volume associated to a place, particularly for the person that Arlene and Varun described in their excersize. The same goes for temperature and luminosity. Not everyone wants to go to a humid, packed and noisy bar. Therefore, our project could be useful for the more selective patrons. Thanks Varun and Arlene!



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