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FundRX is an ambitious startup that focuses on crowd funding early-stage healthcare businesses. They came to me to take their bare-bones MVP and turn it into a sleek, full-featured product. I first established a product site-map to understand the scope of the project in question, and then proceeded to design all the various sections. Currently, they are focusing all of their resources on recruiting scientific and fin-tech talent but plan on implementing these designs following their next financing round.


Design Flows with Hour Allotments copy




Here are a couple screens from the Discover page, where users will see all the investment opportunities that they can participate in. Beyond getting medical professionals to invest in the healthcare deals, another important business goal for FundRX is to encourage their medical community to get involved in the conversations surrounding the deals.


fund 5


If you were to click on one of the deals on the Discover page, you would be brought to the company’s deal page. The purpose of this page is to replace the need for a pitch deck by providing prospective investors with everything they need to know.




The Portfolio page is where users will be able to view their active and past investments. My goal was to recreate the engagement that surrounds stock portfolios, however, the assets in questions are much more long term investments and do not see the daily fluctuations that stocks see. Therefore, I decided to make the comments from the community and news for each investment the dynamic element that would keep people engaged.


fund 9


The Network page is the social component of the platform, which I alluded to above. The community component of FundRx is key to creating a mobilized and active investment crowd-funding environment.




For more private communication between users on the platform, we added messaging functionality to FundRX. This also is essential for communication between the companies raising money on the platform and their investors.




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