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As Katherine mentioned, redesigning the ITP’s Logo was a difficult task as the ITP program stands for so many different things. People have trouble explaining ITP with words and it only gets trickier when you need to find a visual representation of what we do. Therefore, I decided that the best way to take on this complex brief of designing  a logo for the “Center for the Recently Possible” was to distill it down to the most understandable and simple concepts that define ITP.

The process started with an exploration in my sketch book, where I decided that I wanted to find a way to describe what it is we do at ITP and make it understandable to a layman. I wanted to stay away from vague concepts like the the “Center for the Recently Possible”. When I think about ITP, I think it’s unique in that it respects the different fields of design, programming and physical computing equally as essential parts to achieving innovation. I took this concept of the “three essential ingredients ” and immediately related it to primary colors. The idea that with the simple primary red, blue and yellow colors, an artist has endless possibilities. These three colors are the foundation of all masterpieces. It was also nice that when you overlap the primary circles, you get something that resembles the NYU purple.

In the geometric formation known as borromean rings, each color stands for design, programming and physical computing respectively.

exploration sketch

This sketch exploration led to a further exploration on illustrator. What I found when I started designing in illustrator is that my initial horizontal and vertical compositions didn’t sit right with me. I felt that the logomark echoed in the “P” was a little too much and that the solid purple was too heavy. There didn’t seem to be much cohesion between the primary colors and the purple.

I ended up going through 10 iterations but they ultimately led me to two logos, which I like for their simplicity and meaning.




My two favorite are below. The first one which I call the “purple pick”. That pick shape is actually the shape of the area where all three rings in the borromean formation intersect. It’s fitting to me that the ITP name would sit at the center of the rings that represent design, programming and physical computing. I used the primary color borromean rings as the bowl of the P which I thinks act as a nice reinforcement of the concept behind the logo and adds a nice playful accent as well.


Final Logo2


The second one that I really like is the second version of the borromean rings. It has a little more personality than the purple pick and also explains the approach to the logo in a more direct way.


All in all, while my logos are very simple, I think they do justice to the program. They explain ITP in way that anyone can understand which I think is something ITP needs.

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