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I created Pow Wow, a mobile application that lets you build collaborative playlists in real-time, in 2012 after I left my job at Havas Worldwide. During the nearly two years I worked on the mobile app, I handled UX, design, production and day-to-day operations of the company. I also managed some great people for our branding and visual identity, as well as the Rclick agency for all development.

Check out what Mashable, Mediabistro, Social Times and Brit+Co among others had to say about the app!




Pow Wow is no longer live, however, here’s a selection of some favorite screens from the last version of Pow Wow.





REquirements and User Flows

Since I was managing a development team that was abroad, it was very important to leave little room for assumption or mis-interpretation. Here is an example of my process from the Login Requirements Document. Below is a user flow for that same section.


A. Login User Flow

 Additional Resources

  • Check out the video of me presenting Pow Wow at the NY Music Tech Meetup on June 16th, 2014.

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