Progress Report 11.11 – Well Tap

In ITP, Physical Computing

Based on the project timeline from a previous post, we’re looking alright! However, the most challenging steps are still ahead.

Here’s a snap shot of the expected deliverables for Week 1:

  • Get flowmeter sensor working on the arduino Uno (DONE)
  • Get alpha version of data visualization dashboard up in p5 or processing for ICM user test (not pulling data from sensors)—Daily usage page (DONE)

While my project wont be using serial communication, I passed the sensor’s values along to processing serially for this test. This was important so I could explore the logic that needs to be in place for incrementing the sensor values and the dropWave height in processing.

In addition to getting the FlowSensor working, I also wired up an LCD screen to display the value of liters consumed at that station.


Here are the Week 2 expected deliverables from the original timeline with new questions/tasks in blue:

  • Familiarize myself with Wifi comms between CC3000 WiFi Shield and
  • Get 1 flowmeter sensor working on the arduino micro with CC3000 WiFi Shield. Have it communicate to database.
  • have communicating with processing on a basic level
  • Refine daily usage page and add weekly usage page of data visualization dashboard for final ICM presentation (no data from sensors)
  • How can I get my program to send the value of each use once the sensor stops reading any change on the arduino side (i.e. faucet gets shut off). First I should try with using serial and then move to https. The goal would be to have the LCD show the incrementing liters for each use and display the total value, delay, and then reset the LCD to 0 for the following use.
  • Need to figure out how to increment the dropWave in processing based on sensor value.

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