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Given that we only have 7 full weeks left until Week 10, where we’re supposed to have our user testing done (AHHHHHHH!), I’ve decided to break up my time in the following manner.




The big question for me, based on what I’ll be doing later on in my career, is whether I build a refined fully functional prototype or attempt to build out as much as I can in PhoneGap. Most at ITP would go for Phonegap but there are things to consider.


Framer Implications

  • PRO – I’ll be able to design the entire experience for the app
  • PRO – the interactions and animations will be much more refined/tight and I’ll have more flexibility to explore different interactions
  • PRO – It will give me more time to iterate on feedback
  • PRO – It is something that I’ll be able to leverage much more easily after school than if I just have a couple pieces of the experience
  • CON – It will be much more difficult to use live data (not impossible though)
  • CON – It will be less easily available to people for testing
  • CON – the actual experience on mobile will be slightly more buggy

*** In short, I feel like extended my skills in framer will be much better for me in my career. Being able to build a back-end for this prototyping platform is not something that is done very often and could be an asset for me. Also, it will allow me more time to craft the entire experience which will make the project more impressive in the eyes of my future design peers at Amazon.


Phonegap advantages

  • PRO – Actual usability on a mobile device will be better and slighly less buggy.
  • PRO – It will be more readily available for testing
  • PRO – I’ll become familiar with phonegap
  • PRO – It will integrate much better with my node server/API
  • CON – I will not be able to implement my full design/UX given the more sizable technical hurdles of using phonegap
  • CON – My final deliverables will be less useful to me for my immediate future
  • CON – I will have less time to iterate.

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