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Well Tap is a system of networked sensors that quantifies peoples’ water usage, and in turn, encourages them to be more mindful about their water consumption.




  • Real-time water flow measurement on LCD screen for each use
  • LED indicator signals when water is being measured
  • 3 seconds after the user shuts off the water, the counter on the LCD resets to 0 and the quantity of water used in the session is sent to the WellTap Dashboard over WiFi.
  • WellTap is a modular system and users can add as many sensors in their home as they want (i.e. kitchen faucet, bathroom faucet, shower ect) because all communication with the WellTap dashboard takes place over WiFi.


Here’s a quick look at the initial system diagram and interaction diagram I sketched out so you can see how WellTap went from rough idea to finished product. I also included an image of the first prototype.



WellTap Dashboard

The WellTap Dashboard aggregates a user’s water usage from all the WellTap sensors into a dynamic data visualization. It gives them a snapshot of their daily and weekly water footprint.





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